Welcome to Social Research, Policy and Planning

Social Research, Policy and Planning Pty. Ltd. does policy, planning and research with community groups and non-government organisations interested in social change.

SRPP began operating in 1981 and was incorporated as an Australian proprietary company in 1991. Early projects funded by the Law Foundation of New South Wales led to a focus on courts and legal services. Other main areas of activity have included evaluation of community services and social aspects of urban planning.

The directors of SRPP are Dr Margot Rawsthorne and Dr Richard Mohr. We design projects, and carry out research aimed at practical solutions in collaboration with community organisations, international research institutes, urban planners, consultants and visual artists.

[In] the immediate aftermath of natural disaster, one is caught in the contrasting pressures and the dilemmas engendered by the discontinuity: some sense and order must be reestablished, but the stable and solid ground on which we used to stand has collapsed, and we are left groping in muddy waters.’

-Giovan Francesco Lanzara, Shifting Practices: Reflections on technology, practice and innovation. (Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 2016)