Drawing series 1: The South Coast Line


Drawing series 2: Inner West Light Rail Line

The black and white image at the top of each of the 'Port, Poles and Wires' pages, of Port Kembla with poles and wires, is a detail of Kathryn Orton's lithograph,  'Greetings from Coniston'.

My drawings celebrate public transport and the special views of space that it gives us. From a train the landscape rushes past, until we reach our destination. When we get out we are in another place. Each place is different from the last. The Inner West light rail line project selects a view from near each of the 23 stations from Dulwich Hill to Central. The South Coast rail line project starts from Port Kembla and chooses a vantage point near each station going north, towards Sydney. The character of places change from quiet suburbia to the bustle of Darling Harbour, from Port Kembla’s industrial landscape to … ?

Essay: Public, Private, Common. How did so much of our world become private property? I trace the loss of the common and try to identify ways it might be reclaimed.